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1) Article: What's In A Name - Selecting The Right Business Name
2) Contest: Enter To Win - Your Ad In 3 Issues ($119 Value!)
3) Weekly Marketplace: Exceptional Products and Services
4) Article: Creating Your Niche
5) Article: Ten To-Do's For 2000
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by James Capobianco
With all that's been written lately about the new 67 characters allowed for domain names, I thought I would address the *art* of selecting a name for your business. It's by no means an easy task or one that should be taken lightly. So here we go.
Ask 500 people, already in business, how they decided upon their business name and you will get 500 different answers. Everyone has a story behind how they chose their business name. Even if the business is named after their own birth name, there's probably a reason why this was done.
When you open a business, in a sense, you are giving birth. This new birth was created from an idea by you or your associates. It will have its own bank account, it's own federal identification number, it's own credit accounts, it's own income and it's own bills. On paper, it is another individual! Just as if you were choosing a name for an unborn child, you need to spend considerable time in deciding upon your business name.
There are several reasons why a good business name is vitally important to your business. The first obvious reason is because it is the initial identification to your customers. No one would want to do business with someone if they didn't have a company name yet. This makes you look like an amateur who is very unreliable. Even if you call your company "Bill's Lawn Service," a company name has been established and you are indeed a company. People will therefore feel more comfortable dealing with you.
Secondly, a business name normally is an indication as to the product or service you offer. "Joan's Typing Service", "Karate Club for Men", "Jim-Dandy Jack-of-all-Trades", "Main Street Laundry", "Misty's Gift Boutique" and "Star Publishers" are all examples of simple business names that immediately tell the customer what product you offer.
However, most people will choose the simple approach when naming their business. They use their name, their spouse's name, their children's names or a combination of these names when naming a business. The national hamburger-restaurant chain "Wendy's" was named after the founder's daughter. Although, research has proven that these "cutesy" names are not the best names to use for a business. Many experts claim that it makes the business look too "mom-and-pop-sie." But this depends on the business. If you are selling something that demands this mood or theme to appeal to your market, it's okay to use this approach.
Names like, "Sensible Solutions," "Direct Defenders," "Moonlighters Ink," "Printer's Friend," "Strictly Class," "Collections and Treasures," and "Starlight on Twilight" are all good examples of catchy names. These types of names relate to your product or service but serve as a type of slogan for your business. This is a big help when marketing.
When you name a child, you may not decide upon a definite name until after they are born. The nursery is loaded with "Boy" Smith and "Girl" Jones name tags. You do this because a name is sometimes associated with a type of personality. Somehow, I don't think Tarzan and Jane got the message,"Boy"? (dah!) When you name a business you may need to wait until you have a product or service to sell and then decide upon a business name before going into the business itself because your business name should give some clue as to what product or service you are selling. A business named "Joe's Collections" normally wouldn't sell car parts and a business named "Charlie Horse" would not sell knitting supplies.
To generate ideas - begin looking at business signs everywhere you go. Notice which ones catch your eye and stick in your mind. Try and figure out "why" they stuck in your mind. Naturally, the business "Dominos Pizza" sticks in your mind because it is nationally known. These don't count! Look around and notice the smaller businesses. Take your time. Within a few days you should be able to come up with a few potential business names.
Then, when you finally find a few names you really like - try reciting them to other people and get their opinion. It won't be long until your business will have the proper name that will carry it through its life!
A final thought. Are they kidding, 67 character domain names? (and enter without a typo)?, well maybe it's just me; but what happened to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)?
Oh! Why *Cap-Tech*? I thought it was catchy :-) As for becoming a household word...Maybe???
About the author:
James Capobianco has been self employed for over 25 years, both on and offline. At his web site,, he shares his experience and expertise when it comes to owning your own business. Come pay a visit at <> 
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by William R. Montgomery
Know what business you are in and what product you sell. To have an edge over your competitors you must know your market, who's going to buy your product and the strategy you will use to get them to do so. This will be your Niche In The World.
How to develop your niche may largely depend on the niche you have already created, knowingly or unknowingly.
Creating, Developing and Nurturing your Niche can be the difference between failure and success. Your Niche can make you stand head and shoulders above your competition. It can give you the ability to corner your own little piece of the consumer world.
Get a "Unique" Niche! Your Niche should allow your prospective client or customer to visualize that they are receiving something special, something only you can give them in a way that no one else can.
How do you make your Niche stand out above the rest?
Major Market Niches: Service, Quality and Guarantee. These are 3 words to always remember:
1) SERVICE: Consumers, no matter what kind, expect and demand to be pampered and waited on. Pay attention to their wants and needs, and fulfill them to the best of your abilities short of effecting your efficiency to serve others or your "Bottom Line".
2) QUALITY: Poor quality is going to get you two things: Complaints and no repeat customers. If you expect to spend any time in business, do yourself a favor; Don't lie to, steal from or cheat your customers. Provide them with truthful information, honesty & integrity and the best product you can provide for the price that you set without effecting your bottom line profit margin.
3) GUARANTEE: In today's world of the "fast buck" rip-off artist, especially on the internet, people are hesitant to buy anything without a guarantee. If you want to make sales, make a guarantee, but don't over do it. Don't make such a ridiculous guarantee, that can't be believed or will cost you so much that your profit margin takes a nose dive.
When deciding what your Niche will be, first decide how it will attract and benefit your customers, and how you will divert them from patronizing your competitor for first time or repeated sales. For example, your Niche may also be providing more information and services in your area than anyone else in the market.
In closing, no matter what your Niche, you will always find someone else in the same market. Always study your competitors. Approach them (their site) as you would if you were really a prospective customer looking for their product. Would you be more likely to buy from them or from you. Why? Why Not? These are points that you should be constantly examining, researching and striving to make better.
William R. Montgomery
About the author:
William R. Montgomery publishes the InfoZone Weekly Report. Where Marketing * Site Promotion * Online Business Comes To Rest. Get Hot Tips & Hot Links. Great Guest Articles. Direct Links To All The Latest Article Submissions!
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4) TEN TO-DO'S FOR 2000
by Elliott Herzlich
In looking ahead to the new year, now is the time to reflect on your past success and plan for future growth. We are fortunate to have had a strong economy for the past few years and hopefully, you were in a position to take advantage of it. Further growth is possible if you know where you want to go and how to get there.
Follow these suggestions to start the millennium right.
1. Develop a plan. You may have heard the phrase "businesses that fail to plan, plan to fail." It's true. Set realistic goals and develop a road map to get there. Include your primary objectives and an action plan that outlines the steps needed to reach your goals. The Wall Street Journal reported a small business's chance of success increases by 50 percent if it has a plan.
2. Distinguish yourself. Identify what makes you different from your competition. Do you offer more product variety? Are your delivery times faster? Is your pricing the lowest on the planet? Even the smallest difference can give you the competitive edge.
3. Put the customer first. If you forget about your customers, they may forget about you. Show your appreciation by giving clients useful gifts such as a business card holder, desk calendar, or handsome writing instrument.
4. Get on the Net. Do you have a web site yet? Many businesses source products and services through the Internet. If you are not there, then as far as they know, you don't exist. Make it a priority to be online in the 21st century.
5. Make new friends. Assemble a board of advisers who can give you insight into how to expand your business. Gather a mix of professionals and personal acquaintances. The best ideas can come from unexpected sources.
6. Increase prospecting efforts. While you are making your existing clients feel they are the most important part of your business, cultivate new customers to fuel tomorrow's growth. Target key prospects and then distribute advertising specialties such as mouse pads, coasters, or clocks that will keep your name visible each and every day.
7. Training pays. Researchers tell us every $1 spent on training returns $5 on our investment. Your employees will benefit from additional instruction and will return to the job motivated.
8. Networking works. The sales force should be out in the world meeting current and potential customers. The best places to do this are industry group meetings, local business organizations, and service groups like Optimists, Kiwanis, etc.
9. Promote your expertise. Write an article give a speech on an appropriate topic. Position yourself as the expert in your field, and through positive public relations, you will attract new customers and elevate your status with current clients. 
10. Stay on course. Pay attention to what has fueled your past successes. Build on these achievements to propel you forward. Eliminate those tactics that produce less than the effort required.
About the author: provides business customers of any size, information and ideas for improving sales, image and profits through the use of promotional products. PromoAvenue has many programs designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Each program is designed to increase awareness, name recognition and lead generation for your business. Promotional Product Programs, when used as incentives or rewards, will improve customer loyalty, employee morale and productivity.
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