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whatUseek Weekly Contents
1) Article: Hooked On Profits
2) Article: whatUspeak - Web Lingo You Should Know
3) Contest: Enter To Win - Your Ad In 3 Issues ($108 Value!)
4) Weekly Marketplace: Exceptional Products and Services
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Increase Profits By Giving Away Something For Free
What are you giving away for free at your web site? If your answer is NOTHING... then you had better rethink your web strategy. Every site needs a "hook" to get people to visit in the first place, and that "hook" needs to get those people to return to the site on a regular basis. In other words, you want your visitors to "get hooked" on what your web site has to offer.
What can you give away for free that will keep people coming back?
(note - We will give you some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing, but don't limit yourself to our suggestions only.)
*Give away free information: As an expert in your field, write compelling, informative reports that will be of value to your visitors. If you give away GREAT NEED TO KNOW INFO, you will keep them coming back.
There is a big difference between an informative article and a sales pitch. Your visitors know the difference, make sure that you do too.
Each week after you update your web site with your new article or report, submit the URL of your new article to all the major search engines and make sure to keep those articles online. Depending on the search phrase used, your page just may come up in the search results and bring in new traffic daily.
*Give away a free service that your visitors actually need. Example, free web based email service to make your site "more sticky" and keep your visitors coming back. Everytime your visitors need to check or send their email, they have to visit your web site to log in to their account(s). The return traffic you can receive from offering this type of service may astound you. If you have a free web based email account that you use on a daily basis, for personal or business use, you already know that this free service keeps you coming back.
There are many different email services to choose from. Some charge a set up fee (allowing you to keep 50% of the ad revenue) while other services will give you a cobranded web based email service for free, and the service keeps 100% of the ad revenue. If you are on a limited budget and cannot afford to spend $5000 to set up a private label email service in which you keep 50% of the banner ad revenue, then go with the free service.
What are the benefits of repeat visitors?
* You are developing a relationship with your visitors.
* You get multiple chances to make the sale. 
* By providing NEED TO KNOW INFO to your repeat visitors or by providing a valuable service for free, you can earn the trust of your visitors. If your visitors TRUST you and the advice you give, or rely on the free service you provide, you will increase your chances of making the sale.
BOTTOM LINE.........
You visit two separate web sites, each offering the same services or products. SITE A offers you a FREE VALUE ADDED service/product just for visiting, while SITE B offers you nothing for free. You aren't quite ready to make the purchase yet, but decide to use the FREE VALUE ADDED service/product from SITE A. You find yourself using the FREE VALUE ADDED service/product from SITE A on a regular basis.
When you are ready to make the purchase... who will you buy from?
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2) whatUspeak - Enhance Your Web Vocabulary
A web advertisement that appears on its own page, usually between content pages. Interstitials are typically not clickable. By mid-1997, interstitials were at the top of every advertiser's want list, but have lost popularity since then. 
Cost per thousand impressions. On the web, CPM is calculated using the actual number of ads served. For example, if you were to pay $10 CPM, you would pay $10 for every one thousand impressions your ad is impressed.
The number of different types of individuals that see an ad or message. Reach also applies to how well-known a web site is.
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Have a great week!
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