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Affiliate Programs Creating New Millionaires
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Why are your competitors thriving? This week's issue has the answers you need to bring your business up to speed.
1) Article: Affiliate Programs Creating New Millionaires!
2) Article: Free Publicity - Yours For The Taking!
3) Weekly Marketplace: Exceptional Products and Services
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You have a great product that you are offering on your web site, but let's say that you are only selling 5 units per week. Depending on your profit per unit, 5 sales may not amount to a whole lot of money. If you had 100 other sites selling your product, and they each generated 5 sales per week, you would be selling 500+ units per week.
All the major players on the web, such as Amazon and Etoys, have affiliate programs. They pay their affiliates a percentage for every sale they make. The affiliate program is a proven model that works, and since it works for the major players, it will also work for you.
(note: Modeling after a successful business can help speed up the success of your own business. By figuring out what they did to succeed and doing the exact same thing, you can eliminate some of the trial and error approaches, thus saving you valuable time and effort.)
Just how successful your affiliate program will be depends on your product(s) and your ability to design a web site that can sell your product(s) and close the sale. If your web site is currently making sales, then you should be able to create your own affiliate program that will duplicate your efforts and generate a ton of cash for you.
An integral part of the formula for you to succeed is to have a reliable web hosting solution. Go to 
The next important aspect is choosing a script or a service to track the commissions of your affiliates.
For scripts go to:

If you don't have your own merchant account, the services listed below can provide you with third party billing services so you can accept credit cards, and they can also set up your account to track affiliate sales.
For services, check out:
As long as you have a product and a web site that can close the sale, all you need is reliable web hosting and a method to track affiliate sales to start your own affiliate program.
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Getting media coverage can be easier than you think. You have to understand that media people are always searching for good stories, so find a good angle on your business that the media would like to cover, and you will be able to get plenty of free publicity.
So if you want publicity, make sure to take it at every opportunity. You will find that the more publicity you take, the more publicity you will make. As other publications and media see that you are getting coverage, they too will want to cover your story.
So how do you get the ball rolling?
Your press release needs to get the attention of the editor or the producer. A press release sent to the right person at the right time can generate an immediate revenue stream.
Hiring a public relations firm is not always necessary, and you can send out your press release yourself. Most editors are willing to work with you. Remember that their job is to publish newsworthy stories, but in order to publish those stories, they must first find the stories. By going directly to the editors, you are actually helping them by making their job easier.
What would happen if you took a few minutes to send an editor a note or your press release and you got coverage in a newsletter or an e-zine that had 100,000 subscribers?
You would get a quick boost in traffic, and traffic means money.
You do the math. If you had a $50 product and you got 10,000 visitors in one day from an article in a newsletter or e-zine, and only had a 1% sale rate, you would generate $5000 in sales. Not bad for a few minutes of your time.
Invest time in writing great press releases and sending them to the right people. 5-10 good articles in decent sized publications can make your business even more profitable this year.
The following are resources to help you write a great press release and tell you how to deal with the media.
How To Write A Killer Press Release (I highly recommend this source)
PR Briefing Dealing With Reporters
How To Handle The Media
Tips For Dealing With The Media
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